Unique Wedding Options in the Farmington, MO area

February 1st, 2012

There are numerous unique wedding options available to the bride and groom in the Farmington, MO area. Some unique choices have been identified below.

Edg-Clif Farms & Vineyard in Potosi, Missouri offer an outdoor wedding in the beautiful hills of the Ozarks where they have a green garden paradise overlooking a spring-fed stream by the cliffs. This vineyard resides on a large private estate, and the facilities provide bride and groom dressing rooms, and also five bathrooms. Their address is 10035 Edg-Clif Drive, Potosi, MO 63664.

The Twin Oaks Vineyard & Winery in Farmington, Missouri is a lovely vineyard that has several romantic areas available for weddings. They excel in catering. They provide much-needed extra linens along with tables and tableware. Guests can drink wine at the bar, marvel at the antique sideboards, and enjoy drinks in front of a roaring fireplace. Please call them at 573-756-6500 for more information concerning weddings in Farmington, MO.

Chaumette Vineyards & Winery is located in Ste. Genevieve, MO on a large estate offering a variety of scenic indoor and outdoor settings for weddings, and they have staff to coordinate and arrange every detail of your wedding. An Executive Chef and culinary team are at your disposal for all your meals. They are experts in the art of creating menus with creative presentations. Please call them at 573-747-1000 for more information concerning weddings near Farmington, MO.

Winegarten Vineyard in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri has a richly warm and spacious wedding hall that your guests will love and enjoy. It comes with a beautiful stone fireplace, an arched wood ceiling, covered patio, and spectacular and breathtaking views of the vineyard and countryside. For a romantic and panoramic outdoor wedding the covered patio is available. For more information please call 573-883-2505.

The Crown Valley Winery in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri sits on rolling hills, and is surrounded by lush vineyard landscapes which features a first class building, winery, and tasting room, and which boasts spectacular views of the brilliant countryside. They have an executive chef who prepares one-of-a kind delicious cuisines. For more information please call 866-207-9463.

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Twin Oaks Vineyard and Winery Is A Favorite

October 11th, 2011

Farmington, in Missouri has evolved into a major tourist destination. Missouri has some of the finest wineries in the United States. Twin Oaks Vineyard is one such famous vineyard and winery. Owned and operated by the Hutson Family, this vineyard is invested with 25 acres and is located on a 180 acre farmland.
This winery made their first commercial wine in the year 2006. Their wine tasting room is situated bang in the middle of the vineyard. Here you can relax with a glass of their delicious wine or chilled beer. The oak trees from which the vineyard gets its name are around 350-400 years old.The beautiful expanse of the vineyard is best enjoyed from the large patio where one can sit washed by the sound of flowing water and a fountain nearby.
This vineyard is a part of the Ste. Genevieve Route du Vin trail. The tasting room is tastefully decorated with beautiful antiques, movie memorabilia and an inviting fireplace with a large TV screen. Delicious food in the form of fresh meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits and chocolates are to be devoured here. The vineyard is only two miles from Farmington.
The wines produced here are Norton, Sweet Vignoles, Semi sweet wines, dry red wines, sweet wines and dry white wines and a wine with a quaint name – ‘Two brothers’. You can choose twin oaks to host a special event like a family celebration or a birthday. The owners also provide catering and items like linens, tableware and tents. On grape stomping days you can take part in the exciting grape crushing event called the Twin Oaks Annual Grape Stomp.
Farmington is also known for other great wineries. Besides wineries, there are lovely state parks and historical sites for those who love forts and old mines. The bicycling trails in St. Joe State Parks are well known among biking enthusiasts. For detailed information about Farmington and its tourist attractions as well as availability of accommodation, please visit www.discoverfarmingtonmo.com.

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Chaumette Vineyards Is A Great Wine Experience

October 11th, 2011

If you and your spouse, or the family, want to experience a great vacation getaway, and want to visit one of the biggest vineyards in Missouri, the Chaumette Vineyards is the place to go. You will get the entire wine making experience, from growing the grapes in the vineyards, pulling them from the vines, having them ferment, and getting a guided tour through the distillery, allowing you to learn the entire production process which takes place, in order to make your favorite bottles of wine. So, whether you want a guided tour, or if you just want to check out the vineyards on your own, you can plan ahead and visit DiscoverFarmingtonMo.com, in order to learn about tours, dates, and when you can take guided tours through the Chaumette Vineyards.

Not only will you experience the process, but if you take the guided tour, you will also be able to experience a wine tasting afterwards, once you have viewed the entire process, and can top of a great day, with some of your favorite tasting wines. You will get an in depth look as to how these wines are produced, in this enormous vineyard, and what it takes to make some of the finest bottles, including the bottling, shipping, and sales processes which the wine producers must go through, in order to make one bottle of wine.

Along your vineyard trail, you will also get to experience some of the most beautiful scenic views, growing crops, and will experience the outdoors, and what the State of Missouri has to offer to travelers. So, whether you live in Missouri, and want to see the Chaumette vineyards, or whether you and the family are soon planning a trip to go to Missouri, you will want to plan ahead, and start your trip with DiscoverFarmingtonMo.com, in order to find the tour times, and to find out when you can make the trail through this great scenic vineyard trail.

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Missouri Wine Country History

October 11th, 2011

It was nearly 175 years ago when German settlers moved to Missouri and founded the town of Hermann near the Missouri River. The ground was too rocky to be suitable for many crops, but it was ideal for growing the grapes used to make wine. As time passed more wineries were established until by the 1880’s more than 60 flourished, and more than two million gallons of wine were produced every year.

During the time of growth being enjoyed by Missouri wineries, a vineyard pest destroyed many vineyards in France. Missouri vineyards helped rebuild the French vineyards by providing rootstock which was resistant to the phylloxera louse, and the French wine industry was able to recover with the help of hardy rootstock from America.

A popular tourist area can be found in Farmington, Missouri with abundant information to be found on their website. By checking out DiscoverFarmingtonMo.com, you will find listings of wineries, parks, events, and accommodations. One of the most popular wineries in Farmington is the Twin Oaks Vineyard. It is owned by the Hutson Family and they have spent many years cultivating their 180 farm, which has 25 acres in vines. A wine tasting room is located in the middle of their vineyard where you can enjoy a glass of their delicious wine. Listening to live entertainment by local musicians is a welcome option year around.

A visit to the DiscoverFarmingtonMo.com website will offer information on other area wineries as well as local attractions and events offered in the area. The Farmington Fall Festival is scheduled the end of September with arts and crafts vendors, food courts and a quilt show. Music by various artists can be heard from morning until late in the evening.

Farmington has attractions which will appeal to visitors of all ages. The more mature explorer may appreciate the many antique shops, while the younger crowd will enjoy a visit to the Farmington Water Park. While visiting Farmington you should allow more than a few days to discover all the attractions available.

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Sainte Genevieve Wine Trips

July 6th, 2011

Missouri was once greatly involved in the production of excellent quality wines in the United States. Prohibition laid waste to many a great winery and vineyard in Missouri. More than 100 hundred wineries produced two or more million gallons of wine every year when Prohibition took over the United States. Today many of these wineries are back in production and excellent quality wines are being exported to the world from the Missouri hills.

Ste. Genevieve County is the perfect place to start a wine tasting tour of the region. The first stop on the tour might be the Ste. Genevieve winery; it is probably one of the oldest in the area and has a restaurant, tasting room and a Bed and Breakfast if you chose to spend the night. The tour of the winery includes a visit to its wine warehouses and processing plant. It is also possible to purchase wine bottle s and special sample kits.

The mandatory next stop on the wine route is the Chaumette Vineyards and Winery; this is another old construction site with an 18th century log house built in the old Creole stile. Their wines are great and their grill and barbecue is even better. This is a great stop for lunch and a nap under the trees after it. Next in line is the Charleville Vineyards, Winery and Microbrewery, here you have the opportunity to taste and enjoy excellent Missouri wines plus an assortment of ales, lagers and beers made locally too. They also have an 1860reburbished log cabin which you can rent to stay the night or spend the weekend relaxing and enjoying the fresh air and wine.

Our last stop on this wine tasting trip is Weingarten Winery. It is the youngest winery and vineyard in Ste. Genevieve County but it is growing fast not only in size but in wine quality. Their wines and location are privileged and they are taking full advantage of them. Great views of the surrounding hills can be enjoyed from their huge tasting room which is made with floor to ceiling windows. Outside, they have built a series of covered decks where you can enjoy the breeze and a great glass of wine with your friends.

A wine tour is a great opportunity for you and your friends to take a weekend of, to leave your troubles and jobs behind and move into the country. There you will enjoy great wines and food, fresh air, peace and quiet, best of all you will have your friends with you to share this marvelous and relaxing experience.

For more info check out DiscoverFarmingtonMO.com

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Top Farmington MO Wineries

July 6th, 2011

Top Farmington Missouri Wineries

Visitors to Southeastern Missouri will find a plethora of wineries to delight the senses and excite the palette. Numerous venues and tasting opportunities abound, alongside a series of quarterly winery tours to introduce wine aficionados to the varieties of Missouri wines being produced in this beautiful Southern countryside. Missouri wine country is one of the best-kept secrets in the South, where newcomers and familiar wine fans alike can enjoy a glass under the shade of our beautiful trees, and just listen to the quiet around them.

The Route du Vin St. Genevieve Wine Trail offers a tour of local wineries four times per year, with the next up being the Wine Diva Weekend, held November 21 and 22. Each of six stops along the route offer sampling of not only delicious Southeastern Missouri wines, but also gourmet edible treats prepared by some of the best chefs in the region. The beautiful countryside and gastronomic delights to the senses will only heighten the experience of trying some of the South’s best and most heartening wines.

Chaumette Winery and Vineyards presents award-winning varieties alongside outstanding service and dining, and great entertainment to boot. Located in the rolling hills of gorgeous and historic Saint Genevieve, Missouri, Chaumette Winery and Vineyards features rental villas, a relaxing spa experience, award-winning dining facilities and chefs, an exciting menu, and sits on 310 of the most beautiful acres of nature to be found in Southeastern Missouri. Chaumette Winery produces over a dozen distinct and distinguished wines, and as a region is known to run roughly five degrees warmer than other local wine destinations, an environmental variable considered advantageous for producing outstanding wines with character, flavor, body and aromas that take the competition to task.

The Twin Oaks Vineyard in nearby Farmington, Missouri is a delight to visit. Entering the properties, visitors are immediately enveloped in the flowering vineyards, and the tasting rooms are tastefully decorated in antiques and curiosities. Rumor has it, Twin Oaks even displays the original jacket worn by Clark Gables in Gone With The Wind.

Winery opportunities abound in Southeastern Missouri. Visit today, and let the quiet, relaxing atmosphere entrance the senses while enjoying some of the best wines produced in the South.

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Missouri Wine Country

November 29th, 2009
Missouri Winery

Missouri Winery

Welcome to MissouriWine.net, your online resource for everything you need to know about Missouri Wine Country.

Thinking of planning a trip to Missouri and visiting some of our top-notch wineries? Then look no further than the listings on our website to discover interesting facts and information about Missouri wineries.

Missouri is one of the top three wine producing states in America and that number is set to increase with the excellent soil and climate conditions present to grow delicious wines. Our fantastic wineries offer delectable native and hybrid wines that have won awards all over the world. Whether you’re looking to plan a trip to Augusta Wine Country, Hermann Wine Country, or to the fast growing Farmington Wineries, you’ll definitely want to browse around MissouriWine.net.

Soon we will be adding customer reviews, videos, and calendars from all across the Missouri Wine Country. Thanks for visiting MissouriWine.Net to plan your Missouri wine tour.

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