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Top Farmington MO Wineries

July 6th, 2011

Top Farmington Missouri Wineries

Visitors to Southeastern Missouri will find a plethora of wineries to delight the senses and excite the palette. Numerous venues and tasting opportunities abound, alongside a series of quarterly winery tours to introduce wine aficionados to the varieties of Missouri wines being produced in this beautiful Southern countryside. Missouri wine country is one of the best-kept secrets in the South, where newcomers and familiar wine fans alike can enjoy a glass under the shade of our beautiful trees, and just listen to the quiet around them.

The Route du Vin St. Genevieve Wine Trail offers a tour of local wineries four times per year, with the next up being the Wine Diva Weekend, held November 21 and 22. Each of six stops along the route offer sampling of not only delicious Southeastern Missouri wines, but also gourmet edible treats prepared by some of the best chefs in the region. The beautiful countryside and gastronomic delights to the senses will only heighten the experience of trying some of the South’s best and most heartening wines.

Chaumette Winery and Vineyards presents award-winning varieties alongside outstanding service and dining, and great entertainment to boot. Located in the rolling hills of gorgeous and historic Saint Genevieve, Missouri, Chaumette Winery and Vineyards features rental villas, a relaxing spa experience, award-winning dining facilities and chefs, an exciting menu, and sits on 310 of the most beautiful acres of nature to be found in Southeastern Missouri. Chaumette Winery produces over a dozen distinct and distinguished wines, and as a region is known to run roughly five degrees warmer than other local wine destinations, an environmental variable considered advantageous for producing outstanding wines with character, flavor, body and aromas that take the competition to task.

The Twin Oaks Vineyard in nearby Farmington, Missouri is a delight to visit. Entering the properties, visitors are immediately enveloped in the flowering vineyards, and the tasting rooms are tastefully decorated in antiques and curiosities. Rumor has it, Twin Oaks even displays the original jacket worn by Clark Gables in Gone With The Wind.

Winery opportunities abound in Southeastern Missouri. Visit today, and let the quiet, relaxing atmosphere entrance the senses while enjoying some of the best wines produced in the South.

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